Hang Gliding Tandem Flights

Experience the unique and most natural sensation of flying in Lanzarote, fly like the birds …FLY IN HANG GLIDING!!
Lanzarote Hang Gliding Flights is the result of a project that come up from the passion we feel for free flight, the desire to both share flights and to promote this wonderful sport.

Our highest priority is safety and offer the best experience to our passengers, due to the years of experience flying on the island we know exactly the characteristics of the local flight and the favorable conditions to make it possible with the greatest safety.

Lanzarote is the ideal place for Hang Gliding Tandem Flights, due to its winds, predominantly moderate, it is necessary for the flight to be safe, a free flight material that can move in wind conditions with the greatest freedom and safety, these characteristics are guarantee by the Hang Gliders, which are designed to fly in the previously conditions mentioned .