The Flight

Lanzarote Tandem Flights

Tandem Hang Gliding Flight

The tandem hang gliding flight in Lanzarote is an extraordinary experience, you will enjoy unique views of the island, a feeling of exceptional freedom, simply amazing !!

We will launch from one of the various takeoffs on the island, such as Famara, Mala, El cuchillo or Mirador del Río, according to the direction and intensity of the wind.

During the flight you can enjoy unique views of the volcanoes, lava malpais and beaches of Lanzarote.

You do not need previous experience, the instructor and tandem pilot will give you some indications of what you should do at the moment of takeoff, during the flight and landing.

After taking a few steps you will be flying as you have always dreamed !!
The whole experience will be recorded and photographed through
a camera incorporated to the Hang Glider that will allow to obtain some wonderful panorama view of both the passenger and the unique landscape of Lanzarote.