Learn to fly

Learn to Fly in Hang Gliding, Lanzarote has the ideal conditions to learn in safe conditions and with extraordinary views of volcanoes and beaches.

The hang gliding flight is the most fascinating, exciting and safe free flight modality without a doubt.

It allows you to feel the most varied sensations in full contact with nature.

If we go back to the seventies, to the first Hang Gliding constructions, we will be able to observe the wonderful evolution that this incredible sport has been going trhough.

Due to this evolution, the hang glider flight has become a very safe, pleasant and as well exciting modality.

All this due to the development of both the designs and the extremely safe materials with which these flying machines are built with.

The wide range of flight possibilities offered by hang gliding, as well as the variety of speeds at which it can fly, has made this sport the most natural and exciting way to fly.

Learn to Fly in Hang Gliding

Do you want to learn to fly? We teach you !!

Our courses are developed in the safest way, but at the same time exciting and fun.

Anyone capable of running 15 or 20 meters can learn to fly in hang gliding.

We will teach you from the basics how to mount the wing and control it on the ground, going through all levels to take off safely fly dynamic, thermal, cross country and land in different wind conditions

The meteorology is fundamental in this sport, this will be another aspect that you will learn and you will have to control in order to decide when to fly and when to stay on ground.

It is very important to acquire confidence and autonomy to be able to make the right decisions at different times

As well as to know exactly our limits and in this way to manage them making the flight safe and fun.

We offer courses for beginners, intermediate pilots and advanced pilots, with all levels among the aforementioned.

We make a customized program

Whether you want to learn to fly or you want to try to see if it’s for you, we offer a group or customized program that suits your needs or interests.

For those convinced that it is the sport they want to perform, they can access group or personalized courses, intensive or not, depending on the availability of time.

If you have already flown or started a course and you stayed halfway, after evaluating your level we will propose the different possibilities to finish and be able to fly safely.

You are already a pilot, but you have not been flying for a long time.

We will suggest a customized recycling to gain confidence again and remember the techniques of takeoff as well as flying and landing.

For pilots with a certain level who want to improve in the different aspects of the flight, we will suggest a program according to what they are interested in or need to improve.

You come to fly to Lanzarote, but you do not know the flight areas, you do not have anyone to fly with or you do not feel safe flying alone.

We also offer the possibility to fly with a certified instructor that will guide you at all times, recommending which areas to take off and land with which directions and intensities of wind, etc.

We have instructors certified at the regional level (FECDA: Canarian Federation of Aerial Sports/ https://fecda.org/ ), national (RFAE: Royal Spanish Aeronautical Federation/www.rfae.es/) and international (F.A.I .: World Air Sports Federation/https://www.fai.org/)

All our courses are taught with federal licenses that include accident insurance.

If you need more information do not hesitate to contact us, we will solve your doubts and we will propose a way to learn to fly that fits both your needs and your availability.